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Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in joining the Gender Focus team! As Gender Focus guest blogger, you will have the opportunity to create a useful resource for Canadian feminists, get out underreported news and opinions on a variety of issues, gain blogging experience, and have a productive outlet for expression. If you are asked to be a regular contributor, you will also have the opportunity to create a personal bio for the Gender Focus web site.

The first thing you should do if you’re interested in contributing is to send me a short email at jarrahhodge@gmail.com to let me know who you are, if you have any blogging/writing experience or experience with feminist organizations, and what you’re interested in writing about. Writers of all genders are welcome!

For reference, feminism is defined in this document and on the blog as a “movement to end sexism, sexual exploitation, and oppression”, including but not limited to oppression based on race, sexual/gender identity, disability, class, and age.

Appropriate Types of Blog Items:

Issues We Cover:

Picking Blog Topics:

Writing Guidelines:

All blog items should be turned in via e-mail as a Microsoft Word or RTF document (attach images to your e-mail) to jarrahhodge@gmail.com by a pre-determined deadline. If for any reason you cannot meet your committed deadline, please let me know in advance. If your post is accepted it will usually be posted within a few days of being received. I will edit blog submissions for grammar, spelling, and style and will re-submit edited articles to you for your final sign-off. All blog entries will be posted with the signature of the author — either your initials, first name, or anonymously if requested. Any questions? E-mail jarrahhodge@gmail.com.



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[…] May 31, 2010: I open Gender Focus up to public submissions. […]

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