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About Us

Welcome to Gender Focus.

Gender Focus looks at politics, pop culture, and current events from an anti-racist feminist perspective. We aim to showcase news and opinion relating to issues of social inequality, stereotyping and representations of marginalized groups in society, and the intersections between gender and public policy.

Who We Are:

Jarrah Hodge – Editor. Jarrah blogs from New Westminster, BC. Jarrah graduated from the University of British Columbia with a B.A. in Women’s Studies and Sociology and currently writes a column on gender issues for the Vancouver Observer and is a regular blog contributor to About-Face.

Darcy A.  – Contributor. Darcy is 26 and was born and raised in BC.  She lives in Vancouver with a degree in Philosophy and an unfulfilling, bill-paying customer service job.  Darcy would like to rule the world one day.

E. Cain – Contributor. E. Cain is a student and activist from Toronto, Ontario. She graduated from McGill University with a degree in Political Science and Women’s studies and is currently pursing a Master’s Degree in Political Science at the University of Waterloo. She is passionate about women’s rights and dreams of the day when there will finally be gender parity all levels of the Canadian government.

Kaitlin – Contributor. Kaitlin is a queer feminist from Burnaby, BC. She holds a degree in Political Science, and blogs about anti-oppression, politics, and social justice. She can normally be found at Equality Kitten.



1. Big Decisions: Why I Wish I’d Never Read Linda Hirshman « Gender Focus - March 11, 2010

[…] Why I Wish I’d Never Read Linda Hirshman March 11, 2010 Here’s another post from new contributor Darcy A: Linda […]

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