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The Round-Up: Jan. 26/10 January 26, 2010

Posted by Jarrah H in feminism, Pop Culture.

Hi folks,

Time for another round-up of what’s cool, interesting, informative, shocking, and hilarious in the feminist blogosphere.

  • Womanist Musings covers a story about a computer game called MyMinx where players “clothe their minxes in sexy lingerie…and then adopt ‘trophy orphans’ that are based on real celebrity children.” Yikes.
  • Check out the cool new blog Sistahs University, which deals with education, race, and gender. I especially liked this post on “sounding White.”
  • Jessica at Feministing with comparisons of cartoon characters then and now. Not Rainbow Brite!
  • Already seen this Jezebel article re-posted a few times on Facebook but it’s so crazy I’m going to give a link to it. If previous controversies about Whole Foods opposing health care reform weren’t enough to turn you off, WF is now offering employee discounts based on a customer’s Body Mass Index number.
  • GeekWeek asks “Why Does Vanity Fair Hate the Women of Twitter?” Not sure, but I definitely know why I hate Vanity Fair.
  • About-Face covers new product: “baby bangs” that helps you make your bald girl baby look less androgynous. Seriously.
  • And with only a couple weeks to go before the Olympics come here to Vancouver, Equal Writes notes the IOC is declaring they believe being intersex is a “medical disorder” that athletes need to have “diagnosed and treated”. Equal Writes rightfully points out how problematic this decision is, logistically, ethically, and socially.

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