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Which Cat is Better – You Be the Judge September 29, 2009

Posted by Jarrah H in Random.

There are two cats in our household, and the discussion of which one is more likeable has been a source of constant consternation. So we thought we’d throw it out to you folks to see which cat you think is better.

Here are the contenders:

This is Kongo

This is Kongo


Essential facts:

  • So named because the person who got him thought he looked like a baby gorilla
  • Before that the SPCA was calling him “Andre”
  • Has a huge nose
  • Purrs at the slightest provocation
  • Wheezy because (according to the vet) he’s allergic to himself
  • Will knead you with sharp claws when you pat him
This is Frizzball

This is Frizzball


Ok maybe you think I’m biasing your vote with my photo selection, but some people do decide which cat is better based on which one looks more badass, and I think Frizz would definitely win that contest in these pics.

Essential facts:

  • Has a wonky eye
  • Highly attention seeking/meowy
  • About 3/4 the size of Kongo
  • Will drool on you when you pat him and when you stop will hit you in the face with his paw.

To be fair, here is a cuter picture:

Frizz is often cute

Frizz is often cute

So, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, it’s time to make your selection. I know it’ll be tough but you’ll be helping to resolve a great household debate.

Thanks for voting!


1. Mike - September 30, 2009

awwww come on people!!! Kongo is allergic to himself AND could seriously hold his own against any other cat/predatory bird …. clearly he is more bad ass!!!

2. shannon - September 30, 2009

ahhh! i can’t decide! they are both vomit inducingly cute! so much in fact, that it kind of makes me cry a little about the fact that i can’t have kitties anymore. boo.

3. jarrahpenguin - September 30, 2009

Hate to disagree, but Kongo could only take on another cat or bird if they happened to come within swatting range of his paw while he lies on his back.

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